Marianne & Oggie’s Santa Clara University Mission and Testarossa Winery Wedding

“Ruuuuuunnnnn!!!!!!” I exclaimed to Marianne as she shot out of the limo right before she did her first look with Oggie.  ***Please note that I was not asking her to run AWAY from Oggie, but TOWARDS Oggie!  That would clearly make a bad impression on my services as their wedding photographer.***

Being that Oggie is a Santa Clara University graduate (Marianne did alright going to LMU ;D), they wanted to do their first look underneath the wisteria awning that parallels the mission church where they were going to have their ceremony a few hours later.  This place is gorgeous… When I toured SCU as a prospective student,  I remember walking under that green pathway, taking a deep breath of that sweet spring floral air thinking, “I must go here”  It has that kind of effect.  (I promise the college aged ladies studying in their swimsuits had nothing to do with it!)  All was fine with our plan to do their first look here… well… other than the fact that there was another wedding going on in the mission at the exact same time (which we were well aware).  As soon as Marianne’s limo pulled up, the wedding bells of the mission church started clanging and I knew the other wedding would be exiting the church and headed right to where we were going to be doing their first look.  So… processing this sequence of events, I scurried over to Marianne.   Over the wedding bells I yelled, RUUUNNNNN!!!!!!!” She picked up the pace (about as fast as one can run in heels)… approached Oggie with anticipation, and tapped him on the shoulders and carried on with their first look… and as they looked at me to inquire what was next, the entire other wedding walked up behind.  Perfect timing.  Whewwww!!!!

Marianne spent the morning with her girls getting ready at the Hotel Los Gatos while Oggie and the fellas hit the courts for some basketball.  After getting primped we hung out in the Mission Gardens prior to the ceremony.  After their catholic ceremony the bridal party headed back to Los Gatos via a VERY lively limo ride to Marianne’s Aunt and Uncle’s winery, Testarossa Winery.  The second Los Gatos DJ’s flipped on the dance music the floor was PACKED.  Sweating on that dance floor was not an option… it was pretty much guaranteed.  This I believe to be a wedding trait that would make any Santa Clara alumni proud!

Congrats to Marianne and Oggie!  Hope you had blast on your trip to Europe!  I wanna hear all about the croissants and wine and coffee and…  Ahh, I’m feeling extra hungry right now thinking about it.  ;D

Some of the awesome vendors who were part of this wedding:

Venue: Testarossa Winery

Florist: Bloomsters

Caterer: Talula Bay Catering

Cake Artist: Jen’s Cakes

Make up: Christina Aguayo

Hair: Rebecca Beardsley

DJ: Los Gatos DJ

Gown: Bridal Galleria

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