Kim and Mark’s City Hall Wedding

This wedding is officially the first wedding to have ever had an encore performance played by the DJ well after the permitted hours of the reception.  About 70 slightly sweaty… uhh check that… positively sweaty guests shouted, “One more song!…  One more song!… One more song!” as the DJ attempted to wrap things up.  After some pleading (ahem, begging? bribing?) by a few particular guests (you know who you are!) the DJ cranked the volume for one last song.  For those three minutes that place could have made JT and Jay-Z’s world tour look dull.  All fists were in the air.  (I mean, god gave you two fists, why would you not pump with both of them?!?)

Kim and Mark actually split their wedding into two events.  They had an intimate ceremony with just their parents at San Francisco’s city hall, and then a few weeks later followed that with a reception at The Fort Mason Firehouse.  At no point were they concerned about the fuss and glitz and glam of a massive wedding.  They just wanted to take care of the official stuff and then plan a super fun party for their friends and relatives, which I think they did perfectly.

A special thanks to the other vendors who made this happen:

San Francisco City Hall

Global Gourmet Catering

Spiral Hand Floral and Event Design

Fort Mason Fire House 


















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