Jesse and Mike’s San Francisco and Palace of Fine Art Photo Session

Apparently stalking people is the way to go.  A few years back Mike found Jesse on Facebook and made his move.  And by move I mean, started sending her notes here and there.  A “hello”, a “chat”, a “why don’t we get together for coffee sometime.”  Initially Jesse was not exactly into it, but soon after his persistence paid off!  (IIIIII’ve actually done this by the way… Years back I found a profile picture of a girl on MySpace.  She was underneath this waterfall… all looking gorgeous from a distance… maybe Hawaii or something.  I was totally impressed (and by impressed, I mean I thought she was crazy hot) and so I started sending her notes.  Eventually she and I ended up dating, and three months later she dropped a BOMB on me explained to me that her profile picture was not even her!!!  WHAT!!!  I fell for a fake profile pic!?!  It was just a photo that she loved.  Total fail on my part… Apparently Mike’s online stalking skills are better than mine!)

Anyways… these two live over in Oxford, a city in England largely known for the positively brilliant university that is sprawled out among the entire town.  Mike works as a physics scientist (which I believe smart people would call a physicist) and Jesse is actually a writer who is just getting her first book off the ground and picked up an agent!!!  Im scouring Amazon for the first copy!   Now, I had no idea about this, BUT… the coolest thing about Mike’s job would be the small fact that he gets 3 months of vacation a year… Wait… THREE. FREAKING. MONTHS!!!  Holy crap!  Well… I suppose if you go to Oxford, study physics, and generally own people with your brain power, you have probably earned a few days off.

These two were married a few years ago and just wanted to get some new portraits during their trip here to San Francisco.  Jesse scoped out a few of my images from Candice and Tim’s engagement and wanted something similar so we made our way around the Palace of Fine Arts and the Presidio.  Thanks for a great day, guys!

  • Christine Chang - September 10, 2013 - 4:34 pm

    There’s a fine, fine line between good stalking and bad stalking. I’m a fan of the good kind, like in this case. Good job Mike! Lovely photos C!ReplyCancel

  • - September 27, 2013 - 4:47 pm

    Love these! Where did you take the ones at the end by the bridge & with all the green??ReplyCancel

    • Colson Griffith - September 27, 2013 - 7:37 pm

      Hey Jillian! Thank you! Both locations are in the Presidio in San Francisco. The green would be on the hills above Battery Crosby and the bridge is near Battery Godfrey. I think if you google one or the other you’ll be able to find them. ;D Thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel

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