Jen and Demetri’s Big Greek Wedding at The Corinthian Ballroom San Jose

Have you ever shot a Greek Orthodox wedding before?”  Demetri asked when we first sat down at a Starbucks to talk about his and Jen’s wedding.  My answer, “Uhhhhh No?!”   Does watching My Big Fat Greek Wedding, count?   We talked about how these ceremonies are a little different than a typical Catholic or Christian ceremony.  From the blessing of the rings, to the crowning of the couple and the ceremonial walk, I knew I was going to have to get my learn on.  The night before the wedding I was studying a three page document which broke down each divine tradition.  Rings, check!  Candles, check!  Joining of the Right Hands, check!  The Crowning, The Common Cup, The Ceremonial Walk, The Blessing!  Check, check, check, check!  I was totally ready to shoot the lights out of this bad boy.  So, there I was, sitting on the side of the altar, hiding behind a flag type thingy, mapping this whole itinerary out in my head.  I am going to NAIL EVERYTHING!!!  I’m poised like a slightly less hairy cat ready to pounce.  The ceremony begins, and I’m all over it!  Snap, Snap, Snap!!!! BAM BAM!  BOOM!  Ninjas are jealous!!!!  Suddenly I realize I’m just getting the SAME. SHOTS. OVER. AND OVER.  Wait… what’s happening?  It’s like this wedding is on repeat.  Huh?  And then I realized…  Each of these events is repeated three times in succession.  Rings go on, and then are exchanged between Jen and Demetri’s finges once, twice, and finally thrice before the finally find their fourth digits.  The crowns go on, and then once, twice, thrice are exchanged between the two.  Walking in circles… three times as well.   WHAAAAAAT!  This is EASY!  All weddings should do this!  I’m going to start a national change weddings campaign.  Let’s do the kissing part like 8 times.  Are we cool with that?  Umm k thanks, sign here, buh bye.

On a personal note, Jen and Demetri seem to have an “on” button for one another.  Or maybe is more like a power up button, or possibly their own mushrooms like in the Super Mario Brothers.  I saw them interact with dozens of people at their wedding, and they were always happy, smiling etc. but when one or the other would approach and look at the other, BAM!  SUPER sized smiles!  Micky D’s would be like, “We can’t make it any bigger!!!!”  It was automatic!  I never had to tell them to interact with one another because they were so busy doing it ALL. OF. THE. TIME!   There is this mutual affection for each other that is so easily told by the way they smile and laugh together.  Pretty awesome.  If I figure out which mushrooms they’re eating, I’ll be sure to update this post.

The two spent the morning getting ready at the Mariott in downtown San Jose.  Their wedding was at St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church followed by a reception at The Corinthian Ballroom.

As I write this blog I am sure they are lounging on a beach in Antigua… sipping some big fat cocktail…  Ohh that reminds me, where is mine?  ;D

Awesome wedding guys!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day!  Here’s a list of some of the fabulous people who helped to put this day together:

Florist:  Flowers by Yip

Cake Artist: Jen’s Cakes

Make up Artist: Nikol Elaine

Hair Stylist:  Monica Grande

Musician/DJ: Elite Entertainment

Gown: Bo Lee Bridal


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