Candice and Tim’s San Francisco Engagement Shoot

“I want a bridge shot! You know… like where were kinda small in the photo and then the bridge is all HUGE!”  This is pretty much how Candice described the photo that she wanted to get out of the session.  That was my mission if I chose to accept it!

Candice and Tim have one of those stories that make me super stoked about relationships.  A few years back, Candice took a long needed vacation to Asia and while she was there she made a few new friends who were also traveling from England… They said, “‘Allo… we’re from London…” and she said, “I’m, like, totally from L.A!!!” and immediately after they were besties!!!  Amazing how that works out!   A few months later Candice got the call that she would be traveling to England for work which would provide her a perfect opportunity to catch up with her travel buddies.  Well… those travel buddies took it upon themselves to invite a dapper, and conveniently single friend to come and meet “The American Girl.”  This charming gentleman was Tim.  Nervous for this set up with a foreign lady, Tim casually put back six (AHEM, 6!!!) cans of beer before showing up.  HA!  (Candice mentioned that she had no idea… says, something about those brits, huh?  ;D)  Within two hours of meeting each other it was ON!  Candice could only stay for a few days, and so they thought it was merely just a short term encounter with a foreign twist.  But life would offer another opportunity for the two to connect, and since they have just been flying across the world to visit each other.  Each time making puppies jealous with their utter cuteness.  It’s kind of ridiculous (in the best of ways, of course!).

For their engagement session, we ran around the Palace of Fine Arts and then headed to the Golden Gate Bridge to get that “Big-bridge-with-us-kinda-small” shot.  I’d say we NAILED IT!

I’m super excited to follow these two through their union together.  Tim is actually leaving his tiny (like pint sized) town in England, and moving to L.A. to be with Candice… That’s commitment right there!  Welcome to Cali buddy!

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