Stephanie and Matt’s San Francisco Engagement Photo Session

Stephanie and Matt are solid people… like… SOLID!  I met Stephanie while she was helping host a charity fundraiser here in San Francisco, and Matt who at that time was the BF, was attending to support the charity… you know… not because they had cheap drinks or anything! ;D

Both of them are the kind of people that when you meet you immediately start thinking, “How can I infiltrate their friend circle so we can hang out more.”  At least that’s what went through my head!  Matt’s a good ol’ boy from the East Coast.  He has actually said the word, “Broseph” in a sentence and I felt as though it was a term of endearment.  If I said that… well… I might just smack myself!  Stephanie is constantly on the go getting involved in charity and event planning around the city.  (Well at least thats the case when her leg is not busted from a skiing accident (post engagement photos thankfully!).

For their engagement session I asked them about what they loved to do together, and almost simultaneously, “FOOTBALL!” came out of their mouths at the same time.  Sundays are sacred in their household.  Stephanie dons a Skins jersey and Matt’s Pats jersey might as well be considered a second skin!  I loved the concept of creating a Skins vs Pats engagement session, so we set a date for some good ol’ fashioned football watching.  By the looks of it, I’d say the Skins won!  ;D

The city of San Francisco also played a huge role in their relationship.  These two literally traveled across the country for each other, starting their long distance relationship only after having one date before Matt moved 3,500 miles away.  Stephanie flew out often to see him before finally making the move.  This city might not be their home forever, as I think they have their sights on a house back East, but Stephanie will always remember sitting under a tree at the Beach Chalet and deciding that Matt was the man she wanted to be with forever.  When they leave the city my hope is that these images serve as a memento from San Francisco that will remind them of how it all came together.

  • Brian - June 12, 2013 - 1:00 pm

    Wow, Jack and PC. A unique and majical match much like themselves. Both wonderful on their own, even better together! Gotta love it.ReplyCancel

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