Johnna and Justin’s Yosemite Wedding at The Ahwahnee Hotel

Old balls, Old Balls!  OLD BALLS!!!!!  The first time I heard this I was looking through my camera at six gorgeous women, hair and makeup perfectly finished, standing in their matching floral print robes.  WHAT the???  Haha… It was not the first time I’ve heard someone talk about old balls, but it was certainly the first time I’ve heard those words coming out of such proper looking women!!!  This was, as it turned out, a defense strategy for Johnna and her bridesmaids.  A strategic tactic to be used at the onset of those makeup destroying tears!  Prior to the ceremony, the ladies had a toast in the bridal suite.  Johnna was looking at her maid of honor, Mary Kate, as she told her how much her friendship, love, and support meant to her.  Through the camera I could see the tears welling up in the corner of Johnna’s eyes.  All the while I’m thinking, “Yes, this is such a special moment!” and then from out of the frame I would hear Val whisper, “olllddd balllsss… old BALLS!  OLD BALLS!!!!” and suddenly, like magic, the tears in Johnna’s eyes were gone!  No more tears!  Amazing!  If any makeup artists don’t know about this mascara saving trick, I sincerely suggest you consider adding this tactic!!!  Ha!

All kidding aside, this might just be one example of about a billion why I loved this wedding.  Emotional it was… but it was understood that this day was meant to be a party and a celebration, and even though there were so many love filled moments, they were all complimented with a light heartedness that is so naturally Johnna and Justin.

Champagne, limos, and one of the most recognized national parks in the world.  Anyone interested?  Before their ceremony Johnna and Justin had rented a few limos for them and their bridal party and right after we did their first look we piled into the cars and turned up the jams!  For an hour and a half we rode around the valley drinking champagne, bumping some tunes, and hopping out at various view points to snap a few photos.  What an incredible way to spend a day with their friends!  When we arrived back at the Ahwahnee they had their ceremony on the lawn, complete with a view of Yosemite falls in the background.  Later in the evening, during the speeches, Justin’s best men talk about their bitterness of losing him after he moved to California from Michigan.  In the end however, each and every one of them finished by admitting that his move, and subsequently adding Johnna to his life, led him to be the best Justin he could be. Two people, coming together and inspiring one another to be the best possible versions of themselves.  That, to me, is what marriage is all about.

Some of the fabulous people who helped make this possible:

Venue and catering by The Ahwahnee

Beautiful faces and hair by Bellisimo Brides

Rockin tunes by Sierra Entertainment

Gorgeous Gown by Gabrielles Bridal

To see even more, click on any image to get to their gallery!


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