Rachel and Brandon’s Engagement Session – A Tandem Bike in San Francisco’s Presidio

Rachel and Brandon are busy people!  She’s running around the country doing awesome stuff for Google and Brandon’s equally as traveled working numbers with dollar signs in front of them, always on the look out for the next big thing.  BUT… when these two are home, they are up to some pretty stellar stuff!  They live in a part of the city I never get over to… The Lake Street Neighborhood.  Heard of it?  Nope?… Neither had I.  Turns out Martha Stewart would probably be living all incognito over there.  It’s a super nice, quiet, street nestled between the craziness of Clement Street and the meditative calm of the Presido.  It’s one of those places where the road noise significantly drops and you feel like you’re in a suburb all of a sudden.  Ooooohssaaaaaa.  I had a zen moment when I realized that the road noise of Geary Boulevard that is a constant buzz in my ears at my apartment was suddenly missing.

One of their favorite spots over near Lake Street is Angelina’s Cafe where they stroll on weekends to get a sammy so we made that the first spot for their session and afterwards we headed back to their house to shoot in their backyard.  A.K.A The Presidio.  LITERALLY they have a state park as their backyard!  Ohh you have a half acre lot?  Well they have three square MILES of backyard!  I can’t say that they grab tandem bikes and ride around the park dressed all cute three days a week, but I can guarantee you that these two bust out the road bikes and put some miles underneath the wheels.  As we drove from location to location Rachel pointed out some of her favorite spots to run and bike all of which were seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but actually no more than 4 blocks from a busy downtown.  I think that just makes San Francisco one of the greatest cities in the world.

Can’t wait to shoot their wedding at the Julia Morgan Ballroom later this year!


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