Lindsey & Mick’s quaint Los Gatos Opera House wedding

When I first met Lindsay and Mick, I’ll just say it was not exactly love at first sight… haha.  No, this is not typically how I start most of my blog posts.  Lindsay was a bridesmaid in Amanda and Chris’ wedding a few years back in which I was the photographer.  Two weeks prior to that wedding, Lindsay had been a bridesmaid in another wedding, so she had some experience working with photographers by the time she was in front of my camera.

Ten minutes after finishing the same day slideshow and putting the laptop on the bar a tall Irish man, who happened to be Lindsay’s fiancé, Mick, comes up to me and says (and this is a direct quote),  “You need to come talk to my fiancé, She doesn’t like you, she thinks you’re too laid back and that there is no way you could get good photos because you are not serious or something.  I saw your photos on the slide show and they are amazing… We need to show her!”  Ha!  This to date, might be my favorite introduction I’ve ever received!  Challenge accepted!!!  Apparently the guy that Lindsay worked with the previous wedding had been some Army Sergeant barking out orders, commanding people to march over here, stand there, look here, etc. Compared to that guy, yes, I probably looked laid back in her eyes, but alas… the proof is in the pudding!

Mick rushed me over to meet Lindsay and she looked at me with skeptical eyes.  She said, “We’re getting married and we need someone who can make us look good.”  I told her that was not a problem and explained that my preference is to get people ready to boogie and have fun as opposed to some regimented-photo-shoot-invasion of bridal party entertainment.  We met for coffee once we were back in the Bay and as they say, “The rest is history!”

Their wedding day was a crazy-fun, energy-charged, tour around Saratoga and Los Gatos.  After getting ready, Lindsay, Mick, and their bridal party posted up at the Palacio Restaurant for a glass of champagne and some appetizers before things got kicked off for the day.  Their wedding was held at St. Andrew’s Church in Saratoga followed by their TWO HOUR cocktail hour and reception at The Los Gatos Opera House (yes, Lindsay’s biggest request was a supercharged cocktail hour!).  There was even a miracle on this wedding day!  Lindsay’s sister pointed out that Lindsay had been late to everything in her life, including her own birth (quite literally if I recall from the speech), but on this day… *her wedding day* she actually made it to the altar on time!!!  OMG!!!!  Haha.

Getting to know Lindsay and Mick has been such a pleasure.  Never have I met two more ambitious and passionate people.  Lindsay is an avid horse jumper (as in winning state competitions with a few of her SEVEN horses!) and Mick, well, let’s just say Mick’s brain consumes and retains more information about worldly topics than I can ever hope to imagine.  I always feel a little more educated after visiting with these two.  It’s like… osmosis!

I’m lucky enough to have had the chance to work with them, and thankful Lindsay and Mick live right here in San Francisco (in a ridiculously awesome new pad!), so I know we’ll be kicking it again soon!  




Check out the gorgeous venue, the  Los Gatos Opera House.  Unfortunately it’s closed for business, but you can still check out the Yelp site.


And the vendors who helped make it possible:

The Wild Geranium 

Village Caterers

Icing on the Cake

Dustin David Salon

Los Gatos DJ

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