Lia and Dan’s St. Peter and Paul North Beach Wedding in San Francisco, CA

Quotes from the “Godfather”, Two Italian families running around North Beach, A RIDICULOUS family dance to “Shout!” and an open bar featuring bottles of Don Julio made this wedding nothing but incredible.  First and formost, this was an Italian wedding… like… two great Italian families joined by a combination of red wine and tradition.  With history going back to the vineyards and farms in Italy where the Vincenzi and Ciradella families originated, I was amazed to learn how far back these two families had run in parallel.  Lia’s father described how members of their families knew each other back in Italy years and years before these two ever met!  In this crazy melting pot of a world its hard to believe these small town family encounters would make their way across oceans and countries here to San Francisco.  For Dan, family tradition was a HUGE part of this day.  St. Peter and Paul church in North Beach is where his parents, grandparents, sister, and a most importantly Marilyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio got married!  I can’t count the number of times I was told, “When I got married here my photographer took a picture of the clock when it read five minutes to three” or “When I got married here, the photographer got a shot of such and such.”  So, of course we had to recreate those images!  You know… for tradition!

Their reception was held down at The Westin at the San Francisco Airport in Millbrae CA.   Donning Giants Orange and black decorations, table numbers that were not sequential, but rather the jersey numbers of some of San Francisco’s best ball players, and even a groom cake in the shape of a Giants 5950 New Era Cap (Is there any other kind of official baseball cap?  No.)   And then the dancing started… HOLY WOW, people got down!  From young to old, and even older, everyone had moves!   Dan had prepped me before the wedding to look out for the Vincenzi signature dance.  Never have I seen a more coordinated, enthusiastic, and simply ridiculous dance to “Shout” in my entire life.  10+ Italian men, literally shaking on their backs like a dead stiff horse flipped upside down.  This was no dance mind you, this was a right of passage.  A family tradition that could only be joined if you had the the gumption to do it THE RGITH WAY!  None of this half way, “Mehh, I dont really like dancing” stuff!

For me, getting to see the closeness and tradition of an Italian family, with a strong heritage right here in San Francisco was super cool.  As I got to know Lia and Dan I learned about new restaurants, bars, what growing up in the city was like, the best way to get from one place to another and even the name of “Hospital Curve” which… I never even knew had a name!

I’ve got to give Lora Mae and Hanif props for their help on this day.  I shot it one month after having back surgery and both of them made it easy for me to get around without risking me re-injuring this old man back of mine!

Other vendors that made this possible:

Beautiful Flowers from: Edmond’s Plaza Florist

Cake provided by: The Cakery

Hair and Make up by: Epic Artistry Make up

Rockin tunes thanks to: DJ Stan Mobile DJ Service 

Gown by the lovely:  Paper and Petals Bridal

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