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I don’t typically feature men’s fashion stuff here on my blog, because, ummmm, the groom is the coat hangar on which the beauty of a bride rests.  Juuuust kidding!!!  but in all seriousness I feel men’s fashion is starting to make a little bit more of a priority in weddings.  Which I’m STOKED about!  While I’ve found some great solutions for helping brides create a cohesive look for their bridesmaids (a-la Weddington Way), there are not as many go to options for guys.   Men’s Warehouse?  Uhh if you are into that cardboard box tuxedo with that expand-o-belt waist strap thingy? What the heck is that attachment anyways? “Here is a size 42 pant for you.” “But I’m a 32!” “Yah they’ll fit…” WHAT? Annnyyyyyways!

So, how do we create a cohesive look for the fellas? One of the most UNDERRATED additions to a groom and his groomsmen’s would be a custom tailored suit.  I’m not talking about $2500 italian stuff here people!  I’m talking about a reasonably priced garment that was created with YOUR measurements in mind!  Custom tailored suits and tuxedos can be picked up on the cheap!  Holy WOW!, I don’t think guys understand how much a fitted suit can enhance their look. Confidence just oozes from each thread! Once you slip into a suit that was made for your body, you would punch Men’s Warehouse in the face if they tried to make you switch!  For as little as $400 sites like offer really stylish looks and if you’re budget is on the higher end, Astor and Black will bring a dude from Jack Black to James Bond for less than a $G.  

Now, you’ve got the suit, to make it compliment the colors that the bridesmaids are wearing, you can easily select a tie or bow tie and a pocket square to match.  These little accent pieces compliment the colors that the bridesmaids are wearing and make a guy look DOPE. Right?  (Ladies nod your head!).

Recently I discovered that a bride can shop for bridesmaids dresses through Weddington Way, and at the same time they offer a swatch matching tool to order mens accessories through partner site, Lavender dresses for the ladies? Matching ties for the fellas… DONE!  Why run around from store to store looking for matching colors, when you can just purchase the goods from your desk?

After sitting down with the founder of, Hendrik Prohl, we came up with an idea that might convince the world that this is a great tool for a bridal party to shop and get that suave look for their wedding. Hendrik has offered to provide 10 of my bridal parties with free bows and ties just to show how easy it is to finish that shopping experience for your bridal party. Just pop onto their site. Select a color pallet, and shop solids, stripes, patterns, etc. order and your set!

I’m stoked to have the opportunity to partner with this year and have my grooms and groomsmen be the beneficiary of this great opportunity.  So, if you’re reading this blog post and I’m shooting your wedding this year, let’s chat, and we’ll hook you up! ;D

Catch you all on the flip side… and I hope to see you fellas wearing some fitted threads!


Ohh and while were on the topic… learn how to properly wear a pocket square.   My friend John Bozeman has a hot tip over on gentleman’s blog site, –

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