Squaw Valley Engagement Session – Starr and Tyler

Its not too often that I get excited to wake up at 4:00AM, but I just had too many ideas swarming around in my head for Starr and Tyler’s engagement session.  For the last two years, Squaw Valley, the monster ski resort up in Lake Tahoe has been these two’s home away from home on the weekends, so of course they wanted to make it the backdrop for their engagement session!   As I rolled up to the hill in my not-exactly-winter-warrior of a BMW, I looked down at my dash and noticed the temperature creeping downwards… down… down… dooowwwwnnnn till finally it hit a steady +8 degrees.  8!!!  Really!!!!?  Thats what were working with!?!   I told myself to embrace the heat seeping into my back from the heated seats, ahhh yes, a couple more minutes of that please.   I then looked up from the dash out the left window at the valley floor and noticed the trees had been engulfed with this delicate ice crystal coating that seemed as if it would just disappear like dust if you blew on it.  I’m pretty sure buddy the elf would have been impressed!   I texted Starr and said, “UHHH, DID YOU SEE THOSE TREES!!!”  She was totally on the same page so we began by having them run around the pristine snow in front of those perfect little trees.  The Valley provided us some gorgeous light as the sun came over the western peaks and when it warmed up we strapped on the skis and boards and headed up to the hill.  Let me just say that this was my frist time photographing while snowboarding… or snowboarding while photographing.  Yes, I had the genius idea of shooting while moving down the hill with a 40lb backpack strapped on my shoulders.  I now realize this is kinda like texting while driving, and the probability of accident is just about the same (ehh, probably more) but we got some really fun shots.

Spending the day up on Squaw Valley was an awesome way to get to know these two a little bit better.  Tyler had spent his childhood racing for the mountain’s ski team, and Starr had picked up skiing as a result of getting to know Tyler better.  I think that this common passion between the two of them provides such a cool opportunity for them to get away, share a weekend with friends, or just get a solid workout in together.  I love that!

My goal is to spend more time focusing on the activities like these that bring couples closer together.  If you had a day with your fiance, what would you do?  Can I come photograph it? ;D


  • Tim - April 16, 2013 - 3:46 pm

    LOVE this session!!!! soooo playful, so fun.ReplyCancel

    • Colson Griffith - April 16, 2013 - 3:58 pm

      Hey Tim! Many thanks for kind words and for taking a look! You’ve got my mind churning with your comment in the Team-X group… Ill get back to you on on that one. ;DReplyCancel

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