Michelle and Mike’s Engagement Session – A San Francisco restaurant run around!

I’m hungry right now… Holy.  CRAP!  HUUNNNGRY!!!  In January I sat down and wrote a list of goals for the year and eating like a caveman for the month of March was one of them.  Yes, I’m one of those freaky diet people… eating bacon like a raging t-rex and and fearing a teaspoon of cream in my coffee like the dawn of day for one of the Twilight characters.  How this makes sense, still baffles me, but it was in the Paleo book, so I don’t ask questions!

When Michelle and Mike told me about their plans for their engagement session I was naturally delighted and then horrified.  Run around to 15 of your favorite restaurants?  Sweet! Eat little bites of delicious heaven along the way?  Hell yeah!  (Is 15 enough?  haha).  But then, I realized.  March.  Dammit March!  Why do you have to be so… MARCH!   Ughh.  Anyways.  I’m hungry (even though I had three eggs, with pico de gallo, a handful of bacon and avocado on top like six and a half minutes ago).

Here in San Francisco we have a bounty of places to indulge, to feel fancy, to feel grubby, to nibble, munch, sip, scarf, and slurp.  I dont think there is any kind of food you cant find in this city and I think Michelle and Mike have tried to prove that theory.  They have COMBED this city for food!  During our food-gagement session (yes, that’s my new term for it), I learned that eating out is one of their favorite hobbies.  Scratch that… FOOD is one of their favorite hobbies.  There are cookbooks lining the walls of their kitchen and from fun places too… Napa, A16, none of this Rachel Rey 6 minute meals stuff.  Being the organized “type-A” organized people that they are, Michelle sent me a 4 and a half hour itinerary that included 7 restaurants (this was just the first session of two) that were spaced evenly apart, with Uber transportation arranged to and from each.  Frascati, A16, Rose’s Cafe, Balboa Cafe, NOPA, and Pizzetta 211 were in our sites for the day, ohh and dont forget their own kitchen!  

To me, food, and eating out represent something more than just sustenance.  It provides an opportunity to connect with the ones that you share it with.  I get the feeling that Michelle and Mike not only love the experience, but also the time they get to spend together sharing their hobby.  I remember a day or two after our session they posted a picture of them in Napa having a glass of wine and dining on some delectable bites from a guy by the name of Morimoto (yah, THAT guy!).  I cant think of a more perfect way to spend an afternoon with someone you love.  Well done guys!

So if anyone wants to hit up some grub with me, I’ve got Michelle’s number on speed dial for her top recommendations.  Let’s EAT!   In April that is… Yah… I’ll be more fun in April. 


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