Palm Event Center Wedding in Livermore CA with Susan and TJ

If there ever was a wedding that felt like a reunion this would have been it!  Susan was a bridesmaid in Tamra and Erik’s wedding last year, and TJ’s mother was a bridesmaid in Aimee and Manny’s wedding from three years ago, so needless to say there were plenty of familiar faces all of which I was SUPER excited to see!

Susan… well.. what is there to say???… I mean, hold on… take a minute, scroll down and look down at those photos!!!… look at that dress!  Stunning!  I dont think I really need to write about it!  She put that dress on with her bridesmaids and I think everyone’s jaw just dropped on the floor.  Just. Stunning!

I think my favorite part about this wedding was TJ’s speech.  To me, the groom’s speech is always one of those moments where he takes the reigns as the man of the house.  I feel like its such a patriarchal moment… Like he is becoming the Don of his world.  The groom takes the mike and suddenly ownership of the family becomes his.  As he stood, he leaned over to Susan, and gave her a monster kiss that I am sure left every woman in there thinking, “Awe, I want to be kissed like that!” and then he began by purposefully saying, “Susan, I. LOVE. YOU. SO. MUCH.”  He said those five words in a way that left everyone dead set knowing that was exactly how he felt.  The room just seemed to pause for a moment as he let it sink in.  Don status achieved!

If you’ve not yet been to the Palm Event Center, its like the epicenter of wedding awesomeness.  It’s a gorgeous wedding space in the middle of Livermore’s wine region surrounded by vineyards, and sunny weather.   Thankfully their ceremony was held right as the sun dipped behind the building allowing some relief from the 100+ degree weather we had that day!

Susan and TJ… thanks so much for bringing Lora and I along on your journey!


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