Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center Wedding with Flor and Peter

The thing I loved most about this wedding was Flor’s smile.  No, not her smile all day long… Not her smile getting ready, or even the smile she had when she looked at herself for the first time after getting her hair, makeup and dress put on.  Those are all great and fine and dandy… yadda, yadda, yadda… the smile, the one I remember most… is the smile that Flor had when she saw Peter for the first time.  He walked up behind her, and tapped her gently on the shoulder and when she turned around.  BOOM!  Smile explosion!  Seriously… it was like Peter just plugged in this power cord that caused her face to just light up with happiness.

While that smile might have been one of my favorite things to witness… there were plenty of other sweet moments during this day.  Flor’s son Evan has been a big part of their relationship since they first met and they made sure to include him in this ceremony just as much as they included themselves.  During the ring exchange, Peter and Flor of course exchanged rings of certain value, but then invited Evan to the front where he received a Blue Raspberry Ring Pop as a token of their own commitment towards his involvement in the family.  I am sure there has never been a ring more valuable than that massive rock of blue candy!   Of course, not more than ten minutes after the ceremony the only thing left was a blue streak on Evan’s tongue, but we’ve got the pictures to help us remember. 😀

Their wedding was held at the Morgan Hill Community and Cultural Center and was decorated with tons of little hand made Mexican themed details, including little mini pinatas for their guests favors that Flor had put together for months leading up to the wedding  We ended the night with a photograph of Flor and Peter leaving the venue through a sea of sparklers.  So cool!

Flor and Peter thanks so much for allowing Lora and I to be a part of your big day!  We had a wonderful time and I’m totally stoked to schedule that Trash The Dress Session!



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