Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club Wedding with Winnie and Arthur

Say hello to Winnie and Arthur!   Their wedding was a totally packed day, starting with not one, but two Chinese Tea ceremonies, a dress change, portraits over at Stanford University and then their western style ceremony at the Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club.  I am always impressed by couples who are able to plan a wedding as a team, both taking on the details, tackling the checklists.  I mean, in the grand scheme of getting married, it should be a partnership right?  It should be a mutual relationship of support and team work, and sometimes the wedding planning just seems to be focused on a bride’s dream, and the groom is left somewhere between saying okay, or in some less than ideal cases, just not caring.  Ughh.  These two were sooo not that way!  Since our first interaction, Arthur was the go to guy.  He and I would exchange emails at one in the morning back and forth during our oddly similar working hours.  We scoped out the venue together, had lunch, and reviewed their engagement album.  On the wedding day though, it was clear that Winnie had things under control.  As an accountant by day, she’ more organized than a cabinet at Ikea!   With such a busy schedule, through their careful planning we were able to keep a steady pace, and fit everything in totally stress free.  Not an easy task on such a big day.

My favorite moment during the day was a brief toast given by Winnie.  Coming from a very traditional Chinese family, she told her story of leaving the family in Asia and moving to Chicago.  She thanked her Mom and Dad for never asking or pressuring her to move back home, which ultimately led to her meeting Arthur and the rest of the story unfolds.  As she said it, you could just hear her heart felt appreciation for the choice that her parents made in not only allowing her to leave, but also in supporting her along the way.  It is my impression that in Chinese culture this can be more than a trivial decision and it was moving to hear Winnie’s appreciation for their support.

Winnie and Arthur, thank you for allowing me to join you on your wedding adventure.  I cant wait to get to work on designing your album so that you can share the story for years to come!

Lastly I’d like to send many thanks to Indu Huynh for her wonderful personality and help second shooting!  Such a pleasure!


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