Johnna and Justin’s Engagement Session at Lover’s Lane and The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Johnna and Justin… what a sweet couple!  Johnna is the type of bride that I wish I could clone 10 times over.  Every email I get from her has at least 17 exclamation points and just leaves me feeling like the world is a good place after I get done reading.  Justin was of course a little tepid about a photo session, but hey, I have come to expect that from the fellas, so no worries!  Nothing a little bottle of bubbly cant handle!

These two met during a co-ed softball game here in San Francisco, Justin had just moved to town from San Diego, and after the game Johnna decided to take things into her own hands by inviting him out for drinks with a few friends.  I mean, he was the new kid in town, so she was being nice, right?  Something tells me she had another agenda on her hands!  Over the last few years they have dated and found many of their fondest memories have involved hiking or outdoor adventures of some sort, which is why we decided to shoot their engagement photos out at Lover’s Lane.  Johnna was all styled up in her boyfriend cut jeans while Justin was dropping some knowledge about birds (yes, he is quite the birder, which I can relate to because of my grandfather).  Put that all together with a bottle of champagne and we laughed our way through the entire session.

Johnna and Justin also wanted to shoot down at the Palace of Fine arts which is where they used to take out of town guests or go for walks when they lived in the city.  Im not sure if she always strutted her stuff in a pair of red heels like she did during this shoot, but Ill just say it was a good idea!  On that note… if there is anything that I believe a woman should have in her closet, it’s a pair of red heels.  They are like a one way ticket to Classy-Sexy Town… I’m just saying!!!  😀

Cant wait to photograph these two at their Yosemite wedding.  They are getting married at the Ahwahnee Lodge in Yosemite Valley next summer, which should be a perfect compliment to their outdoor enthusiasm!


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