Tip For Brides: A surprisingly easy way to shop for bridesmaid dresses!

While walking the floor at Style Unveiled, a Wedding Expo here in San Francisco, I met Ilana of Weddington Way. “What is this?” I asked. Her reply had me curious, “Online bridesmaid dress shopping, made simple and social” Okay, I thought, “How is this simple?” Bridesmaids are all over the country, all different sizes. One might be pregnant and expecting a baby three weeks after the wedding, another could be 92 pounds with a nick name of “mini-maid.” How can online shopping for all those combinations be easy?

As she told me their process I was thoroughly impressed! First, a bride logs into their website and chooses a few colors and styles of dresses and then invites her bridesmaids to her page so that they provide their thoughts. Bridesmaids can rank their favorite dresses or styles in order and weigh in on the decision (Ooh! I like this one! or ughh, who would wear that?!?). A bride can then take all of this input and make a decision about the dresses, and bridesmaids can purchase each dress individually, at home, using each of their own measurements. Nice!

Now, here’s the kicker… Not one dress is made until they are purchased. This means your pregnant bridesmaid can have a dress that actually fits, perhaps even a different style that might be more flattering than the dress her 92 pound co-maid is
going to wear. The colors match exactly because the same fabric is made for each dress. Uhhh AWESOME! Or, say you want the same style of dress, but in different colors, you can do that too!

For some reason this totally caught my eye and I wanted to share. I think for the busy bride, with bridesmaids all over the country, with different shapes and sizes, this would be a tremendously helpful resource saving time and STRESS! I just loved the idea of being able to stay at home… take input from your bridesmaids… and then have a custom tailored dress to fit each lady and their personal preference. Another bit of sweetness… the service is free! Money is only exchanged when you purchase the dress. Cool huh?

I suggest taking a look at their website, www.weddingtonway.com to get a feel for how it all works, I think you’ll be impressed!

And now, (because I need some incentive for you to read these posts :D) here is a special discount offer that Weddington Way has given to me for brides reading this blog.

Get 10% off your order if you:

  1. Register on the Weddington Way Site (at no cost)
  2. Like their site on Facebook
  3. Email promo@weddingtonway.com with the subject line “Colson Griffith Photography Promo Code”

March Sweeptakes:
Karishma just let me know they are running a sweepstake this month – one lucky bridal party will win dresses for her entire bridal party. Just register here, and you might get hooked up!http://www.weddingtonway.com/win-dresses-for-your-bridal-party/

I hope this helps some of you conquer what can be an ominous task of bridesmaid dress shopping.

Happy online shopping!

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