Palace of Fine Arts and Baker Beach Engagement Session with Winnie and Arthur

Meet Winnie and Arthur!  What a great couple these two are.  I met Arthur at the Great Bridal Expo in November, and was so happy when he reached out a few weeks later to arrange time for us to have coffee together.  As we sat at The Creamery over by the San Francisco Cal Train stop to go over their wedding plans and get to know each other a little better, Arthur described for me the story of how he came to meet Winnie.  A few years back, Arthur was convinced to get a facial, something he had not necessarily done before.  While he was there, a lady in the shop caught on to the fact that this fine gentleman was an eligible bachelor.  She came right out and suggested he meet this gal named Winnie, and the rest is history!  Hmm, go get a facial, and end up meeting the love of your life?  Not a bad day at the spa I tell ya!  I’ll never let anyone talk me out of getting a pedicure again!  Haha.

In the weeks leading up their engagement session I had mostly communicated with Arthur about the details.  We had scheduled to shoot the week prior, but weather was not in our favor, especially with Winie’s plan to get hair and makeup done before hand, so we exchanged a few emails back and forth.  I usually work late and thus will crank through emails at 12:30 or 1:00 in the morning.  I’d blast off a note to Arthur at 12:47 and at 12:53 I’d get a note back.  Woah!  I thought I was the only one up at that time of the night on a Tuesday.  Not necessarily so!  We’d email back and forth and bing, bang, boom!, by 1:00AM we’d have it all worked out.  Perfect!  Funny to find someone else with such an odd schedule.

For their engagement session Winnie and Arthur wanted to go to the Palace of Fine Arts  and Baker Beach, two wonderfully iconic places in San Francisco to photograph.  Surprisingly that was my first engagement session at The Palace… I’d been there before for fun, but never for an engagement session.  Shooting there  is like blasting over to Europe for an hour but with a much shorter commute.  Uhh yahhh, Ill take it!  After making a lap at the Palace we made our way to Baker Beach where we were met by a slight wind which was playing all sorts of havoc with Winnies scarf.  After a few minutes I told her to hold it up like a cape and just go with it.  After a few trial shots we ended up getting this gorgeous image below.  Love it when we can take little funky situations and make them work to our advantage.

Winnie and Arthur, I’m stoked for your wedding in Palo Alto Hills Golf and Country Club in just a few months.  It seems like its just sneaking up on us!

  • Judy Grant - April 19, 2012 - 12:21 am

    SWEET … a real happy couple indeed.

    Winnie So, who did your eyes? They are gorgeous!!!


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