Announcing a new type of photographic experience! (and a complimentary session giveaway)

I believe that a couple’s engagement and wedding are some of the most joyous and in-love moments in their entire lives.  I believe that a photograph containing the essence of a person, the very inward nature of who they are, can transport a person back to those feelings and sentiments that they felt during that time.  I believe that by providing a photographic experience to couples that allows them to express their most in love moments, their essence will be captured, and the resulting images will forever be a reminder of exactly why they fell in love.

I am presenting a new concept in wedding photography called The Essence Experience.  It is about capturing a couple’s essence in a photograph while they are in the midst of doing the things that they love to do most.  By sitting down with a couple before we ever pick up a camera, in their home, in a comfortable place, we can learn what makes that couple tick.  What are the moments when they find themselves most in love?   What are the times of the week that they set aside to just be “THEM”?  When are they most comfortable, so that they can just be in each other’s presence  and never say a word?

Once these details are understood, we’ll use them to build the framework for their photographic experience.  Some couples might love to lay in bed on Sunday mornings with their dog.  Some couples might get up and go to the Farmers Market and whip up amazing bites in their kitchen the rest of the day.  Some might just love cuddling up and watching movies, while some like Shelly and Jamison below,  just love to run around on their scooters to a local park where they fly their kites together.

This is the new “engagement session” and it provides so much more meaning to the couples who participate.  It is the difference between a “cool” picture and your favorite photograph.  A couple’s heart and soul, the very essence of what their relationship is all about, will be captured.  Years from now, these images will be a reminder of exactly why they fell in love.

Currently I am in need of three couples to help me explore The Essence Experience.  I’d like to learn what wonderful things are possible and what types of incredible ideas can come of these conversations.  The Essence Experience will ultimately be the focus of my wedding collections.

If you are interested participating in a complimentary experience, please fill out the following Application on Google Docs

If you are not in a relationship but love this idea, please share it with your friends, so that they might have an opportunity to remember exactly why they fell in love.

Check out sample of Shelly and Jamison’s experience below by clicking on the image… 😀

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