Tracy and Jesse’s Engagement Photos from Lover’s Lane and The Legion of Honor in San Francisco, CA

Sooo anyone that lives in California pretty much knows we are living in a fantasy winter.  Ohh wait, you want to go to the beach?  Why not?  I mean its January and 70 degrees outside.  I mean, why wouldn’t you!?!?  So when Tracy and Jesse and I scheduled their engagement session like two months ago, we watched about 9 weekends in a row go by that were bone dry and just gorgeous!  As we approached their date, we had something unfamiliar on the horizon. Clouds?  Rain?  What?  I usually try to remain optimistic about ugly forecasts, so I said, “Lets take a look at the weather and make a game time decision.”  That was a weekends ago, during the San Francisco 49ers, AFC Playoff game.  Did you see that on TV?  Raining sideways?  Yah, right.  As you can imaging we made the call to delay a week.  I think we both were on other ends of the telephone just hoping we didn’t have to go out in that nasty weather and were just nervous about canceling on each other.  Thankfully we did!

The following weekend, when it was MUCH nicer out, we headed to a little area at the top of the Presidio, near Laurel Heights, and found ourselves bathing in this gorgeous light masked by a bit of haze that just seemed to soften everything into this cozy glowing blanket of light.  This dude with the camera was happy, and so were Tracy and Jesse.

Tracy and I went to college together at Santa Clara University, but it had been YEARS since we had last seen each other, and I’d never met Jesse before.  As soon as we jumped on Skype to go through the plan, I knew this session would be a breeze.  Both would be mid sentence and look at each other dung the call and just laugh, it was so obvious they enjoyed each others presence.  As we shot, Tracy would throw a glance over her shoulder, toss a hand on her hip, and Jesse would get in there with a smile, totally comfortable, and I just clicked away.

The first part of our session was shot at Lover’s Lane (Jesse informed me of its name) which is a wooded part of the Presidio on the south east side of the park, and we followed that up with a brief shoot at The Legion of Honor, where we shot until we got kicked out for having a light.  I guess we looked too professional or something ;D.

Here are a few images from the session, Tracy and Jesse I hope you love em!

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