My name is Colson… and I have a life coach.

Why is it that when I find myself talking about having a life coach, I feel like I am making an introduction at a 12 step program?   I might as well be saying, “Hi, my name is Colson, I have manic depression, alcoholism, a cleft lip, emotional instability, two left feet AND bad breath!”  I mean, what combinations of awful things would I need in order to require a LIFE coach?  I’m living, I’m breathing, and pretty damn good at it too!  Why do I need all that coaching stuff?

It is my belief that we have sort of mis-understood the meaning of life coaching, and its actual intent.  If for instance we say “basketball coach” we think, “ohh right, yeah, you need one of those.”  One might say, “business coach” (or mentor) and automatically we think, “Yep! those are good.”  But then all of a sudden we bust out “Life coach” and we think, “Ohh damn, dude’s got problems, I’m gonna go hang out over here.  You can go bag your own groceries.”  What is that about?

My coach, Julia, is an ontological life coach… ontological… wait, what the?  Ontology is the “study of being” (Go get your yoga mats and incense, its about to get all foo foo up in here.)  The study of being?   Think about it this way.  Ontological coaching is the process of coaching someone from where they are today (good, bad, amazing, struggling, wealthy, poor, happy, sad) to where they want to be in the future.  It is about personal development and striving to be a better person, in whatever sense of “better” you believe in.  If “better” means financial success, coaching can help you get there, if “better” means developing stronger relationships with friends, family, co-workers, etc. it can help with that.  If it means reading more, or taking a vacation, or eating healthier, it can help with those as well.  Take a goal, add a coach, and dominate the crap out of it!  That is what coaching is all about.  (Julia seems to explain it so much more eloquently than I do, after all she’s an English major by education, ohh well!)

This topic of coaching is something I feel I could write about for hours… but in the interest of not wandering off into la la land blabbing about every little coaching success I’ve had, I will keep it brief, and save some content for future posts.   My time with Julia has been incredibly productive.  We talk once a week over a Skype call, and every week it begins with, “Colson, what can I help you with this week?”  How many times does that come out of someone’s mouth in real life?  Not all that often.  Having someone available to help hold me accountable, to help dig up what is really causing me to do what I do, and someone to help sort out what I really want out of life has been tremendously helpful.  Sometimes understanding how other perceive me, is all I need to gain confidence in my endeavors.  I’ve got a pile of stuff I’m working on.  I am slowly checking goals off of my list, and adding new ones, but without a coach I can only imaging being half as productive in doing so.  In my mind, everyone should have a coach.  If you want to learn more, check out Julia’s website at

And if you dont believe me… maybe a word from Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, might help. 😀

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