Chrissy Field Engagement Photos with Ali and Justin – San Francisco, CA

“Anything in the name of photography!”… that was the line.  During an engagement session or a wedding I’m constantly running around seeing new images in my head… Ideas pop up like those plastic moles in that whack a mole game, lighting changes and something just looks uuuhhhhmazing, and there always seems to be “one” more shot.  “Hey! You guys want to try out this shot over here???”  I’d ask.  Justin would reply with that line that every photographer hopes to hear, “Anything in the name of photography!”  I’d give Justin a mental high five, and then we’d dive into it.

Having the opportunity to work with Ali and Justin just excites me.  When they originally inquired about their wedding date, I had another inquiry on the table that was getting a little stale.  It had been some time, and the bride just was not ready to make a decision.  After a few emails, it was decided the date was now open!  Hey guys!  Hey!  The date is open!  The date is OPEN!!!!  Lets do this!  I could not help but feel like this all worked out this way for a reason.  My first conversation with them over Skype was so relaxed.  Justin broke down how the two of them traveled back and forth between Santa Barbara, and Oakland, and Fresno, and back to Santa Barbara over the last few years just to spend their weekends together.  We hung up and I felt like we had known each other for YEARS.  I’m pretty sure Justin and I had Mechanical Engineering projects together in another life, and I’m sure Ali and I had gossiped over coffee at least 7 times.   Hmmm.  Parallel Universe!?!?

Ali and Justin drove out from Fresno for their engagement session.  We decided to shoot down on Chrissy Field which was absolutely PACKED with people.  San Francisco plus 68 degrees in January, and the place goes nuts!   They are going to be having their wedding at the Tenaya Lodge out in Fish Camp, CA near Yosemite this September.  I actually photographed my second wedding ever at that Lodge so it should be fun looking at the difference in the images after a few years experience!

Ali and Justin, you guys were great in front of the camera and I’m totally stoked to continue to get to know the two of you and shoot your wedding later this year.  Whoop!  Whoop!

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