Polina and Matt – Wedding at the Cliff House in San Francisco, CA

What do you get when you combine a Ph.D. Mechanical Engineer bride, a savvy start up business man groom, and a limo full of their best friends and family on their way to a wedding?  Some fan-freaking-tastic images!  “Giddy,” I think is the word that describes how I feel when I look at these photos.  I met Polina and Matt at the Great Bridal Expo in November of 2010 and during our initial discussions they basically said, “Tell us how to make sure we get amazing wedding portraits, and we’ll do it!”  Can you imagine my reaction?  I was stoked out of my brains!  As a result of some of our initial conversations, they agreed to plan a walk through Golden Gate Park near the De Young museum, and a stop at Sutro Heights before their wedding.  I could not have been more excited.  After getting ready at the Westin Hotel downtown, we gathered the bridal party, a few bottles of champagne, a VERY nice bottle of scotch, and piled in the limo for our adventure.  That to me my friends is a perfect recipe for some great images.

Honestly these two continued to surprise and impress me as I had the opportunity to learn more and more about them.  Both have achieved tremendous success academically and professionally, both have such kind personalities that would make Tiny Tim seem a little harsh, and both have a bountiful love for each other that is truly and inspiration.  Take allllll of that, and then go ahead and put it in a gorgeous package with a wedding dress and a tux, and thats what you get in these two on their wedding day.  Seriously, impressive.

Their wedding was held at the Cliff House on the western edge of San Francisco, and just as the setting sun touched the Pacific Ocean, Polina said, “I do.”   I dont think there was a more pristine wedding that day.  Polina and Matt, thank you both for allowing me to capture your wedding day.  You both were a delight to work with.  I’d also like to thank Lora Mae for contributing her time and talents to be my second shooter and assistant for the day.  Could not have done it all with out ya!

Here are a few images… check em out!

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