Kaleen and Mike’s Styled Bridal Shoot with a Vintage Ural Motorcycle

Good friend and fellow photographer Meghan MacAskill came to me sometime last summer and said, “Hey, I want to do a bridal shoot with my husband’s Ural motorcycle.  Wanna help?”  Uhh, yahhhh!  Back when I was in college, my room mate and I actually spent a good portion of three and a half days searching Craigslist for a motorcycle and a side car to pick up.  I mean, what college situation would be less incredible with a Ural in it? I can’t think of any.  You can imaging my excitement when I laid my eyes on this bad boy!  Immediately, I had visions of a sort of eloping wedding shoot, with a couple lost in the middle of no where on a get away road trip of sorts, something with a little bit of a story behind it.

My good friends Kaleen and Mike agreed to do the modeling (actually they sort of jumped at the opportunity, and were super excited!).  We pulled together hair and makeup from Sam Moreno and Christina Rodriguez of Unveiled Hair and Makeup, flowers from Indelisa Montoro at Royal Bloom Boutique, and a GORGEOUS pair of hats from Melissa over at Kitty Andrews Millinery, and finally we found a few wedding dresses at the A.C.T. Theater costume rentals shop.  This rental shop is pretty wild actually.  They pull all of their clothing from for their theater performances, and make it available for rent.  It just so happens they had about 75 wedding dresses.  They have RACKS and RACKS of clothing and accessories organized by decade, style, vintage, size, on and on and on.  A.C.T actually only charges you for the items you actually use, and not all of the items you take home.  So with that being the case, I grabbed 7 dresses because, let’s get real, me choosing a dress that would actually fit, is like rolling dice in Vegas!  SCORE!

I’m so thankful to have built a circle of friends in this industry who are so talented and so enthusiastic about their craft to allow something like this to all come together.  Check out the results below!

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