Staci and Glenn – San Francisco Cliff House Wedding

Another beautiful couple up on the blog today!  Staci and Glenn had their wedding at the San Francisco Cliff House, an iconic wedding venue perched on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  Staci was straight up gorgeous, well, maybe “hot” is a more appropriate word.  She busted out a saucy pair of red heels, and a dress that complimented her shape perfectly.  Im not sure if Glenn knew exactly what to expect, but as he saw her for the first time coming down the aisle, you could tell he was absolutely enthralled with the woman walking towards him.  He’s a big guy… drives a big car… has a big personality, but in that moment you could see a little kid staring at the woman of his dreams… Both Staci and Glenn were such a joy to work with… I think their biggest concern was getting to their reception where they could bust out some Lil’ Wayne and some Jay-Z and bring it down like we Washingtonians do!  Haha, hollerrr!

We began the day by shooting in the gorgeous Parc 55 Hotel in down town San Francisco.  For any future brides looking for a place to stay before their wedding, this hotel gets some serious cred in my book!  Honestly, its a photographers dream!   After everyone was ready, we hopped across town to the Cliff House for the ceremony and reception.  I just love the Cliff House because one of San Francisco’s most photographic locations, Sutro Baths, is right next door.  When you get a gorgeous evening like we had, taking phenomenal images is like shooting fish in a barrel.  Bring it on!

Here are a few of the images from the day.  Thank you to Staci and Glenn for allowing me to capture your beautiful selves, and much thanks to Joey Chandler for second shooting with me.  Cheers!


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