Christine and Joe – Wente Vineyards Wedding in Livermore, CA

Christine and Joe have positively become two of my favorite people since I met them at a bridal expo a year ago. For reals!  Finding a new and interesting joint to grab a bite to eat seems to be a perfect afternoon for them.  I’ve had a chance to have dinner with them three times now, and I think every time we get together we could be writing the next blog post for (not sure if that is a real website, but I’m a little afraid to look, so ill just leave it as a hypothetical site!).  Thai Food, Korean Food, Salted and Cured Pork Products, Bacon Doughnuts, you name it, we’ve covered it!  These two bring me joy every time I have a chance to hang out with them… Im pretty sure my cheeks are fearful for our next get together, because they know they will be hurting afterwards!

Their wedding was held at Wente Vineyards, a gorgeous outdoor venue tucked into a golf course in the wine loving city of Livermore.  On this day in particular we were blessed with some AMAZING clouds that were just marching across the sky screaming to be used as a backdrop for our images.  With a beautiful couple like Christine and Joe, and setting like Wente Vineyards, how could we not get some gorgeous photos!

Thank you Christine and Joe for asking me to document your day and much thanks to Richard Bui for helping me second shoot this wedding!

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