KJ and Chris’ Wedding at Wine and Roses in Lodi, CA

And now!…. introducing to you for the very first time ever!… In the left corner, Mr. and Mrs. KJ and Murrrrph, Murphy!!!!!!!!  (Insert awesome hip-hop beat here)…. and the crowd goes wild!!!! “Whaaaaa!!! Yeahhhhhh!!!”  Haha.  When I sat down to write this blog article about KJ and Murph (formally, his name is Chris, but that just sounds weird after knowing him pretty much exclusively by “Murph”) I could only imagine a scene where they were being introduced like boxing stars in a room full of crazed fans.  I mean, literally, the energy at their wedding was like such an event (minus the whole boxing thing of course!).  Their wedding was a party.  Like, I’mmmm gonna dance so hard your body is going to hurt tomorrow just thinking about it, party.  At one point I sat down outside at the vendors table for my dinner, and while I was talking to the DJ he jumped up and said, “Hold on.  I gotta go check the music.  I think it turned off for some reason.”  He went inside and after a brief look around, he shrugged and came back outside.  “What’s up?”  I asked.  “Nothing” He said… “It’s just so loud in there, the people were covering the volume of the music.”  Ha!  Now that, is impressive.  People eating was louder than the DJs music.  So Rad.

KJ and Murph were married at Wine and Roses in Lodi,CA.  Little did I know how nice of a winery spot this little town is.  Everything seems to be half the price of Napa and the’ve got some killer wines out here, so why not have your wedding out here?  Yes please!  KJ wanted to get away from Wine and Roses for portraits before their ceremony so as not to be seen by all of her guests who were staying at the resort.  We bussed it over to Abundance Vineyards for a little wine tasting and portraits with the bridal party.  I love when couples are willing to take little adventures before their wedding and capture images along the way.  Its such a nice way to get all of the images we need, while keeping people entertained and stress free.  After we had a glass of wine we rolled back to Wine and Roses for the main event.

I’ve gotta give big ol’ props out to Phillip at East Sac Florist who decked out their wedding with center pieces and flowers galor.  Making their reception just a stunning sight.  I was fully impressed.

Venue – Wine and Roses

Catering – Wine and Roses

Hair and Makeup –  The Spa at Wine and Roses

Flowers – East Sac Florist

DJ and Uplighting – Mike Regan at Mr. DJ Service

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