Amanda and Chris’ Wedding at La Canada Flintridge Country Club in La Canada, CA

Amanda and Chris were married at the La Canada Flintridge Country Club near Anaheim this July.  Amanda is actually cousins with two of my good friends (and past clients!), Julia and Angela who are just wonderful people, thus giving me a good feeling about working with Amanda from the get go.  Being down in the LA area, Amanda and I never actually met in person until the day of her wedding, however with the beauty of Google Video Chat and some stellar personalities, I felt like we had known each other for ages when I finally had the opportunity to give her a hug in person.  From their adventurous engagement in Hawaii, travel stories from Spain, passion for all things pork, and both her and Chris’ stellar history in athletics, there was plenty to talk about as we streamed video through cyberspace.  I finally had a chance to “meet” Chris about a month before the wedding.  He had returned home after being in Spain for much of the winter and spring playing basketball in their professional league.  With Chris being a massive basketball fan, it only seemed appropriate to have the Golden State Warriors head coach, Marc Jackson, officiate your wedding right?  Well for these two, it was not a question… it was the only option!

This was my first wedding down in L.A. (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know… some of you LA people would not call this L.A., it would be La Canada, or Burbank, or Anaheim, but for me that whole area just gets lumped into one big L.A.) and let me say it was quite different than anything I’ve shot in the Bay Area.  Now, no offense to any of my previous bridal parties, but when I showed up and saw who I would be photographing on that day, my jaw dropped.  Amanda, and her 5 brides maids were totally freaking gorgeous.  Like… triple take, wha-happen?, smack me in the face, gorgeous!  And it didn’t stop with just the bridal party… everyone that was invited to the wedding was like, “Hi, my name is Ivanka, have you seen my face lately?  It’s gorgeous!”  (Haha, juuust kidding).  But truthfully, every time I went to take a picture of someone, they turned slightly, front knee bent, hand on the hip, chest forward… just like they are supposed to!  Does everyone here get a minor in having their picture taken?  Is there a school down there I don’t know about?  I felt like I was shooting for People Magazine or something.  Whaddup Kim Kardashian!

Amanda and Chris were a perfect couple to work with.  Both were super laid back and just went with the flow all day long.  Thank you so much for inviting me down to be a part of your beautiful day.  I had such a great time, and hope that we stay in touch for years to come.  When you make it back to Spain, let me know and we’ll trade pork eating stories now that I know what is all about!!!  😀

The Venue: La Canada Flintridge Country Club

Event Coordinator: Yingka Chou at Master Plans Event and Design

Cake: Carley at Susie’s Cakes

Flowers: Sarine at Princess Floral Designs

Makeup: Cathrine at Cleo Salon

DJ: Ian at Atmosphere Entertainment

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