Tamra and Erik’s Wedding at Eagle Ridge Golf Course – Gilroy, CA

Okay I am waaaay behind on blogging here.  When someone writes you and says, “I noticed you have a lot of engagement sessions, but not as many weddings on your blog” you know its time to put the blogging hammer down!  I’ve got like 8 weddings to post and it all just seems to have been adding up.  AHHH!!  So here goes…

Tamra and Erik are the kind of people you just want to hug when you see them.  Tamra brings a massive smile to every room she enters.  She brings that energetic feeling, that sense of excitement, and joy…. not unlike the excitement that Ronald McDonald brings to little kids when they see that creepy white colored face and massive red shoes (I dont know why kids get excited about this, but believe me, they do!  Or maybe, for me, it was just the thought of knowing there were $0.49 cheeseburgers around the corner.  Hmm now Im not sure!).  Anyways… I digress…  Tamra and Eriks wedding was gorgeous.  She threw on that dress and put a little tilt in her birdcage veil with a yellow flower in the side (accenting her shoes, of course!), and I could not imaging her wearing anything more beautiful in that moment.  Just stunning.

Erik at the same time suited up in a custom tailored grey three piece which he picked up from the San Francisco Shirt Company in Santana Row.  For some reason, I’m liking the look of suits on grooms these days.  They seem to pull out some style, some modern-ness (is that a word?) that a tuxedo does not bring to the table.  The penguin suit just is another penguin suit.  But a custom tailored three piece?… thats BALLIN!

Tamra and Erik agreed to do a first look, and gave me the reigns in terms of setting it up.  I had visions of a winery and some champagne in the mix, so I scouted out Kirigan Cellars in the hills of Gilroy as a place to make this all go down.  They were so accommodating and happy to see us there on a Friday afternoon.  We showed up and the champagne was waiting.  After doing a bit of tasting and running around the winery taking photos, we drove a quick 10 minutes down to Eagle Ridge Golf Course where their ceremony was held.

I am especially excited about this wedding, because Tamra agreed to let me bring a cinematography team to document the picture taking experience.  I had friends Aleks and Daina of Shiksa Studios come out to film a little behind the scenes footage, and when I get my act together we’ll complete a two minute video for my website.  Just gotta get that script banged out.  This is where the engineer in me struggles.  Any copy writers out there?  Bueler?

Tamra and Erik, thank you so much for letting me be a part of your wedding.  Im thankful to have had the opportunity to meet you both, and make great friends in the process.  I see nothing but great things in your relationship for years to come.

First Look: Kirigan Cellars

Wedding Venue: Eagle Ridge Golf Course

Catering: Wedgewood Wedding and Banquet

Flowers: Sweetpea Florals

Makeup: Kalani Style

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