Gym Pics for Element 5 Fitness in Totem Lake

Its all about family right?  Well in this case it could not be more true… I was up in my hometown of Seattle last weekend, just taking a few days to relax, catch up with family and set up my mom’s new iPad (yes I fly home to set up iPads, fix emails, back up hard drives, and find missing files).  My sister, Linden, is a personal trainer at Element 5 Fitness in Totem Lake.  She had asked me to come in and snap a few shots of some of the other trainers doing what they do… you know… Ultimate Fighting, MMAing, Monster Truck Tire Flipping, Prowler Pushing, Sled Slanging, Kettle Bell Swinging, Battle Rope Wiggling (I just made that up) and pretty much everything else non traditional about being in a gym.  I of course said yes because its my family, but its also because I know the people in this gym have treated my sister like their own family.  Co-Owners Belton and Rommell, and fellow trainers, Willy and Drew, have created a family environment that is more than welcoming to both my sister as a co-worker, but also to all of their clients.  I mean, how many gyms can you go to and find a 1 year old lifting a 5lb kettle bell?  Ha!  Not gonna find that at 24hr Fitness.

Element 5 focuses on a style of training called Underground Strength Training.  Its not your regular gym.  I think I saw only 7 pairs of dumbbells in the entire place?!?!  They use a few choice tools, i.e. the Kettle Bells, “The Sled” “The Prowler”, HUGE Monster truck tires, and a whole slew of body weight workout routines to pack a massive physical punch to that couch potato you left at home.  They not only keep the physical aspect at the forefront, but also help with nutrition and dieting which is JUST as important.  Linden put me through a 15 minute circuit training exercise where we rotated through different stations.  45 seconds on… 15 off.  Next station.  Music was pumpin, whistles were blowin, my heart was thumpin like a jack hammer trying to crush my rib cage…. Push Ups, Rock Crawlers, Leg Swoop thingys…  Next!  Next!  Next!  All I can say is there was not enough air in the world to suffice my gasping breath.

After the workout, Willy, one of the nations top Kettle Bell instructors, was trying to talk to me about the photos I took earlier, but I was seriously struggling.  Holding a conversation was not a part of my physical ability.  I felt bad… he’s just trying to chat about photos stuff… but I was just struggling to force anything intelligent out of my light headed brain.  I think I looked like I was going to die because he left all of a sudden he left and came back with water and a towel for me.  Yeah, that happened.

If you are up in the Seattle hood, go check out E5.  I know they have been nominated one of the regions top 20 gyms (out of 5 states).  Pretty cool.  Say what’s up to my sister “Lindo” and make yourself at home.  It’d do your body good!

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