Dianne and Tom – Half Moon Bay Engagement Session Near Mavericks

Have you ever had one of those days where you think to yourself, “This is why I do what I do!”  Yes?  No?  Well this, for me, was one of those days.  I met Dianne and Tom through, Tamra, a fabulous bride that I photographed earlier this year, and I had a sense that if Dianne was friends with Tamra, she had “good people” written allllll over her life.  As it turns out, that statement could not have been more right!  Dianne and Tom had their fist date in Half Moon Bay… at the Half Moon Bay Brewery actually, and since that fateful date, it’ been a favorite place for them to frequent.  I mean, what’s not to love about a brewery, near a beach, in one of the most beautiful places in the world?  We had originally scheduled to do their engagement shoot back in May, but woke up that morning to find nothing short of a couple inches of this wet stuff falling from the sky… What’s this wet stuff?  In California?  We dont know anything about that!  We rescheduled the session for July well knowing that the weather in Half Moon Bay in July can just as well be likened to January in Maine.  It was a bit of a gamble… but in the end, the payoff was well worth it!

Last Sunday I showed up at the brewery to meet Dianne and Tom, and the weather was PERFECT…. 65 degrees and sunny.  Say what?  Sweet!  Dianne brought her long time friend Tiffany to help with hair and make up as well as Tiffany’s two and a half year old son Lucca to help with all things humorous (I mean, whats not hilarious about a two and a half year old shouting out, “calllll me!” to passer buyers).  We started by photographing in a little industrial section of town just behind the marina in Half Moon Bay.  From there we jumped over to the beach and walked around the point which hides the famed big wave surf spot, Mavericks, from view.  Just as the sun was setting over the ocean, my photo brain went into overdrive… “Here, can you guy just go over there, you know… on top of those rocks that require a masters degree in free climbing to get to?  Yeah, just hop over there for a second and I’ll take that photo.  Click Click Click… Now jump over that 15 foot crevasse and sit on those rocks for a second…  Click Click Click… Dianne can you jump on Tom and just sit tight for a few?”   Click Click.  For that last 15 minutes I think my shutter started to heat up from the number of times it opened and closed.  These two were absolutely beautiful to work with… full of laughter… full of energy… full of joy… and down for anything.  When I got home I wanted to post like 7 sneak peeks, but alas, I had to use my self control!

Dianne and Tom, I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to capture your engagement photos… Hopefully this will help commemorate the place where it all began.  I can not wait to do the same at your wedding in October!

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