Luciana and David – Wedding at Vizcaya in Sacramento, CA and Portraits at the Sacramento Rail Road Museum

Lu and David… where do I sart.  Seriously I feel like I could write an article for the New York Times with the number of stories I have about this wedding.  From fun, funny, tearful, joyful, you name it, I think I’ve got a story for it from this wedding.  When I first met David and Lu for coffee, I can remember David asking all the right questions… super prepared, making sure he totally understood what he was getting out of the experience.  Lu on the other hand was busy… scrambling to finish up one of the ten things she had to do between work and church and everything else, “Im sorry, I have to finish this… go ahead!” she said.  David and I got everything sorted out and just as we were finishing Lu asked me one question… One. Simple. Question. “What do I get out of hiring you, versus someone else?”  This can be a dreadful question for some… this is a competitive market!  There are tons of great photographers out there!  What is the answer?  I told her, “You get ME!”  Thats it… thats all I said.  You might think, we’ll thats a little aloof… somewhat smug.  But its so much more than that… and I went on to explain.  Its the relationship, its the trust, its the friendship that you get, and I assured her that I would take the time to get to know her and David personally, so that by the time her wedding came… she would have a friend in the room, and not just a vendor.  I think for that very reason we were able to capture the images that we were able to capture.

David called me about a week before the wedding.  We were planning on shooting in the Old Sac. part of Sacramento, where they have these vintage stores and wooden walk-ways reminiscent of the gold rush era in California.  But here’s the problem… its all outdoors… and with rain in the forecast, David was a little concerned.  White dresses, and white tuxedos, dont do well in the rain.  GO FIGURE!  This rain situation was pretty much squashing the photographic vision we had put together months ago.  He asked if I had any indoor locations we could take portraits at… and I told him I’d get to work.  After making phone calls and blasting out emails with 10 different people I made contact with a director at the Sacramento Parks Department.  She said, “We have a special situation right now, and we might be able to arrange a shoot at the Sacramento Rail Road Museum.”  My heart leaped!  I had my fingers crossed that it would work out.  She called me back a few hours later and said, “The parks department is short on money from the state.  To make some extra cash were going to start doing weddings at the museum and need photos for the website.”  DONE!!!  That was it… I called David to tell him I had a spot… he was in!

Now here’s the thing… I showed up to the wedding, and asked Lu if she was excited about shooting at the museum and she said, “I have no idea where we are going, but yes, I’m excited!”  Whaat!  I was baffled to have a bride tell me she did not have her entire day totally memorized in her head!   Lu is by no means an unorganized person, in fact she is just the opposite!   This girl would make Ikea look like a dump by comparison.  For someone so organized it told me a little about her confidence in David to take care of things… make it right… and ensure that everything would turn out okay.  I love that.

From there we shot a beautiful wedding.  Family and friends attended from Brazil and South Korea… kids from Lu and David’s church were ecstatic to see them all dressed up looking like the prince and princess of Sacramento.   Our portrait session down at the museum could not have gone any better… we’ll, except for the fact that I made one of the biggest flubs of my career so far, which I think we can laugh about today, but that story will have to be told in person.  (Ahem… dont leave the brides maids behind!  Lesson learned!)

Lu and David, you have such a beautiful story.  Your lives have been filled with ups and downs, and I see the tremendous level of support you have for each other and it makes me smile inside.  Lu, your heart is so clearly focused on supporting those you work with and the many loved ones so close to you.  I don’t think you have a selfish bone in your body… David, your gentle spirit is strong, supportive and calming throughout.  Your smile is genuine and approachable in every sense.  You wear your honesty everywhere you go, and it’s refreshing.  It has been such a pleasure getting to know the two of you and I look forward to staying in touch for years to come.

B.T.Dubbs… get stoked!!!… these are the first wedding photos ever take in the Sac Rail Road Museum and will be on their site in a few months!  😀

Much thanks to David Kim for helping assist and second shoot for this wedding!

Makeup – Imagi by Fiona

Dress – Pricilla of Boston

Ceremony and Reception Venue – Vizcaya

Portrait Location – Sacramento Rail Road Museum

  • Lu Cheng - June 30, 2011 - 11:22 am

    Hey Colson!
    Thanks soooooooo much for sooooooo many different things!!!! I love everything that we have accomplished together from meeting new people, learning about each other to the very daunting task of satisfying this very person who LOVES your work!!!!
    You had our contract the minute you told me I get YOU instead of the a $900 photo shoot and a possibility of an album!!!! From that moment I knew you understood ME I knew you were going to be my friend and I could trust you. And so I did! I had my 2 trustworthy men figuring out what do to about the rain… why was I gonna fret??? It was no longer about getting beautiful shots, but simply about having a good day; rain or shine! And fun we had!!! ^^
    Today months later, I tell people you are my friend photographer… not someone I stumbled upon on the world wide web, but my dear friend. I wish our busy schedule allowed for us to meet more frequently…
    My dear friend, I thank you for all that you did for us and making our wedding such a fun filled memorable day! I thank you for your continued love and care for us even MONTHS post our wedding and I thank you for being such a good sport in juggling demands from both of us and continuing to remain professional all throughout!

    all our love~
    David & LuReplyCancel

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