Leslie and Mike – Napa Valley Engagement Session

When Leslie contacted me she had it all planned out.  “April 23rd at 2:00PM in Napa… can you shoot our engagement photos then?” she asked.  Uhhh yahhh!!!  That sounds amazing!  We met up at Ritual Coffee Roasters and then hopped in the car to see what trouble we could find in valley of the vino.  Our fist stop was Cliff Lede winery where we did a quick tasting and then ducked outside to snap a few images.  I ask Leslie and Mike to just sort of hang out in a vineyard while I ran around to the side for a different angle… I was going for one of those through the trees sniper shots.  As I’m eyeing these two through my camera lens something graces my ears.  I pause for a minute and think, “Is that Elton John?!?!”  And then I decide YES that is totally Elton John… Leslie is belting out “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” in the middle of a Napa Valley vineyard.  So rad.  I don’t think I stopped laughing for a good 5 minutes.  From there headed north toward Rombauer Vineyards where these two actually got engaged.  Along the way we stopped on the side of the road to take a few more images and found ourselves in conversations about weddings, food, wine, cheese, restaurants, travel and theater… all the good things in life.  As we sipped on a glass of wine at Rombauer, looking a beautiful view of a lush and blooming Napa Valley, I could not help but think to myself, “I love my job.”  Woah… crazy I know.

Before I sign off on this one, I’ve got a couple points to make:

1) The Rombauer 2009 Zinfandel is CRAZY delicious.  If I was asked what I wanted my last bath to be… it would be in a tub of this Zinfandel.  Pick up a bottle (or 10) at BevMo!

2) One of Leslie’s passions is theater.  I learned that the writer of the Vagina Monologues releases the rights to the play once a year so that local groups can produce it in their own theaters to raise money for different charities.  Leslie is doing just that.  This Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM in Oakland, she will be producing two showings of the Monologues.  I totally suggest checking it out if you do not already have plans.  Here is a link to the Facebook event page.

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