Tamra and Erik – Engagement photos at Stanford University in Palo Alto

I met Tamra while I was shopping for business insurance (I know its like I have a real business or something).  During our meeting she happened to mention she was a photography enthusiast and that photography, for her, was tremendously important for her wedding.  I love meeting people like this… there is always a vibe when you can geek out on photography with someone new.  There is an appreciation for professionally produced images, and an understand of the artistic process and the work that goes into creating great images.   I could not help but feel a little bit of a “click” with Tamra after walking out of her office.  During that meeting I met an amazingly friendly person… Tamra probably laughs 6 times the suggested daily amount, and always seems to carry a joyful demeanor everywhere she goes.  Even her voice mail greeting says, “Have a blessed day!”  I mean, how could anyone ever leave a scalding message with that gracing your ears before the beep?!?!  Not gonna happen!  I love that!

I did not have a chance to meet Erik before our photo shoot at Stanford University in Palo Alto, however Tamra had given me some background.  She said he was the “reserved” one in the pair.  Maybe a little more “quiet”.  Maybe a little less “spontaneous”.  But she promised me that they had come to an agreement that they would try anything that came their way.  During our shoot I could see how these two worked together… Tamra a little more outgoing, Erik a little more reserved, but together they are the perfect compliment to each other.  I never had to give much direction because they were constantly chatting between themselves… and laughing… and chatting… and laughing.  It was perfect.

I can’t help but look at the images we created and think… “that is sooo Tamra”… “that is so Erik”… and for me that is the best result you can come away with during a shoot.  Im totally stoked to be a part of their wedding at Eagle Ridge in a few months.  Its going to be a blast!

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