KJ and Chris (Murph) – San Francisco Sutro Baths Engagement Pictures

KJ and Chris… Wait, no, KJ and MURPH!   Calling Murph “Chris” is like calling a Doberman “kitty”… its just not right…  (I have no idea where I came up with that, it just came spilling out of my brain).  So yes, KJ, Murph and I got together out at the Sutro Baths area in San Francisco two weekends ago.  We didnt actually shoot in the baths all that much, but rather spent time near the trees above the baths themselves.  We had some great light near the sunset hour which made for some awesome images!

These two met at a kickball game in SF a few years ago.  This is a true WAKA love story!  What could be more perfect than an big red ball, a couple of tall boys, and a Sunday in the park?  Uhh nothing!  Duhh!  So, to commemorate their place of meeting, we busted out the official team shirts, and took a few pictures with the big red ball.  Now… during this time, I witnessed something that I never thought was possible… I’m thinking they might just toss the ball back and forth a few times, just sort of be cute about it.  Ill take a few pics… la ti da… photo, photo, photo… done.  Ha. NO.  After we snap a few images, KJ takes the ball, backs up a few feet from Murph, and full on Big Unit style breaks the sound barrier by chucking this red rocket at Murph’s face without him even paying attention.  Imagine turning around and having a rubber missile launched at your face from 10 feet away… yeah, thats how this went down…  I was like “YEEESSS!” lets take some photos!  haha… I think Murph’s hands were still by his side when this red blur tried drilling a hole through his forehead… Clearly he did not know the 5 “D’s” of dodgeball.  It was awesome…  Ahhh haha… how could I not laugh at that?  I don’t think Murph knew whether to be mad or impressed.  I say well done KJ!… Ahhh, good times.

In addition to that little gem, there were a couple oddities about this shoot that I think threw all three of us through a loop, the first being a little altercation with two individuals near the parking lot, screaming, yelling etc. a little distracting… But most notably odd was our run in with another photographer and his model.  Near the end of our shoot, we noticed a photographer just sort of checking people out, camera in hand.  This was no regular dude… this was like “creepy guy with a camera” dude.  He was that “Nappy weed hair, backwards hat, trench coat, mustache that just would not fill in”, kind of dude.   Around the corner from him was his model… a man… with adams apple… in heels… with lipstick… rockin’ some tiny jorts (jean shorts), and better legs than 98% of the women I know… annnnnd, wait for it…  a bikini top with full on Breasts.  Yes, we were witness to a very public, very “provocative”, tranny photo shoot out in plain sight!  Now, I’m not against people making these sorts of decisions, it was just the nature of these two individuals that was so… umm “distracting.”  As soon as I put together what was going on, my train of thought went to complete bizzerk status.  Its like an explosion went off in my head and left my neuron particles scattered across 10 states… I don’t think I could find my shutter button if I had to take a picture of Heidi Klume.  It was one of those “I dont want to look, but I cant help it” and then I looked, and it was like, “Woah, I’ve never seen someone do that with their leg!” kind of response.  Yeah… distracting.  Only in SF.  Needless to say we found another location to finish things out.

So, KJ and Murph… here are your engagement photos!  I think they are awesome!  You guys had so many candid moments, so many looks that were just full of joy, and laugher, and happiness.  It was a lot of fun to photograph.  All that, annnd we were witness to one of the oddest photo shoots I’ve ever seen!  Now thats a good day!  Cant wait to shoot your wedding at Wine and Roses this summer!

P.S. I hope the kickball makes an appearance at your wedding.

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