Christine and Joe – Sunnyvale Baylands Park Engagement Session

Last November I participated as a vendor at the Great Bridal Expo here at the San Jose Fairmont Hotel.  As a little bit of a promotional incentive, I offered a drawing for a free engagement session for brides who stopped by my booth to say hello.  After getting home I dipped into my hat full of names and drew Christine’s name.  Immediately  I raced to my computer and whipped up an email that went something like this… “YOU WON!!! HOLY CRAP YOU WON!!!!!”…. to which I heard no reply… wait, no reply?!?!  I called her two days later and left a voice mail, which she promptly called back, seemingly all smiles on the other end.  “Did you get my email?” I asked… Christine said, Yes!, it was in my SPAM folder.  Ha, apparently all my excitement and BIG letters and “you wons!”… that email categorized me as a bold faced spammer.  Note to self… dont write emails like a spammer!

Well once we finally connected, we got a date set for late December… if you remember late December in the Bay Area, it was essentially a downpour for two straight weeks.  Looking at the forecast, Christine and I kept our fingers crossed about a dry photo session, but agreed to play it by ear.  I think the photo gods were on our side this Saturday, as the rain subsided juuuust long enough for Christine, Joe and I to run over to Sunnyvale Baylands Park to take some photos.   The overcast weather actually created a blanket of soft light which I think turned out perfect for these images.

Christine and Joe were a perfect couple to offer this free engagement session… both were so relaxed in front of the camera, and totally game to try anything.  Joe is a little soft spoken, but clearly open minded, and Christine was all smiles, all the time.  It was clear that they were just as enthusiastic about the opportunity as I was, and for that I could not ask for more!  I hope I get a chance to shoot their wedding later this year at the beautiful Wente Vineyards!!!  😀

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