12 Days of Photo Christmas: Day 12 – The ultimate gift…. a photo trip!

Utah Road Trip

Almost crashed my rented Taurus taking a picture of this cloud formation. Good times.

On the 12th (and FINAL) day of Photo Christmas, my true love gave to meeeee…. The most incredible gift of all… a photo vacation!  Because that is what it’s all about right?

So now you’ve got the camera, you’ve got the lenses, you’ve got the software to edit your images, and a way to share them with your friends, now its time to get out there and actually use all that gear.  I love camera equipment.  Every time I open a box from B&H Photo Video it is like a little mini-Christmas… I tear into the tape and cardboard like a 12 year old on 6 bags of skittles… Despite this however, I have to keep myself grounded to the fact that it is not about the gear… it is about the product that gear creates, and the experience you have while doing it.

My grandfather introduced me to photography.  He has spent the better part of his retirement using photography as an excuse to travel to the far reaches of the world…  Antartica (twice!), remote regions of Australia, Europe, and Africa, virtually every state in the US… he’s seen it all with a camera in hand.  The images are beautiful, but it’s also about the experience. Ask my grandpa about smacking a 12 foot tall polar bear on the nose with a $7000 lens… its a great story.  Its about the car rides on dirt roads in the middle of no where, and the uncontrollable laughter after capturing a candid shot of a friend doing something that will regrettably prevent them from running for president.

Photography can be many things, and for me it is a way of documenting my life and the lives of the people around me.  This is true in my personal photography, and especially true in wedding photography.  Until I started this blog, I was not one to keep a journal.  Writing was a HUGE pain in my buzzard.  I just did not enjoy it.  My mom always said I should keep a journal, to which I replied, “my photos are my journal.”  Easy as that.  Years ago I was really into landscape photos.   I took some good ones, but nothing epic.   Looking back at it I think my passion was driven more by the process of actually getting in the car, putting an ungodly amount of miles on my car in as little time as possible, and creating a story, whatever it was, with whomever was there.

A few of my favorite photo trip images. Left: Arenal Volcano at 2:00AM Middle: Moon Set at the Two Sisters Right: Hiking the Swiss Alps

Photography is a perfect excuse to get out and about.  For Christmas, grab your family, grab a friend, grab a stranger or an uncle or cousin, or even just yourself and plan to go somewhere, to do something, and make sure to bring a camera.  It does not have to be huge… a trip to the park, a drive to the beach, or just walk in your hood.  Adventure awaits, and I am sure that you will be surprised by the visual delights that the world will present.  I honestly feel that the experience of creating photos is photography’s greatest gift.

So that is my sappy, sentimental way of ending the 12 Days of Photo Christmas.   Hopefully you have found a few things to ease your shopping troubles!  Now… I need to get off this computer and take some photos (and probably do some shopping of my own)!  Too much blogging I tell ya! 😀

Merry Christmas everyone!

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