Melody and Nick’s Wedding – The University Club of San Francisco

When I think about Melody and Nick’s wedding at the University Club in San Francisco I have a lot of great memories, but a few stand out… Like… I smile to myself when I think about them stand out.  The first is this:  Being a guy, I’m exactly not allowed in the room while the ladies are actually getting dressed… I don’t make the rules, but that’s how it usually turns out.  Go figure!  Sooo, when the time came, I left the room to take some detail shots of the decor, cake, flowers etc. and wait for my queue to come back to the main event… Before I left the room, Melody had her hair done, the makeup was done… looking good.  When I was allowed back in, I found Melody in her wedding dress, and I think I had a moment where my whole world just paused.  I did one of those “try to get words to come out of my mouth, but nothing’s coming” moves… Uhh you look, umm errr… mumble, wait, what did I just say?  I was speechless.  Seriously.  Gorgeous.  Something happened while I was out of the room that was completely transformational and when I walked in to find Melody in that dress, she had such a timeless look to her… and everything seemed to be a perfect fit, head to toe, for who she is as a person.  It was amazing to see.

My other favorite part of the day was this: At one point while Melody and her bridesmaids were getting ready, someone made the comment, “I hope Nick busts out some of the dance moves he was showing last night!”  Ha… if that comment wasn’t foreshadowing, I don’t know what was.  For someone who was even remotely considered a rare sight on the dance floor, Nick BLASTED that notion right out the door.  I can’t count the number of times I looked over at the dance floor with my camera to find Nick with this MASSIVE grin on his face, busting out moves that would make A.B.D.C. jealous!  It was infectious… everywhere Nick was on that dance floor a crowd of people surrounded him, and every time, no matter who that group of people was, they were having the best time at the wedding.

I must say though… I am a little concerned… I believe Nick might actually might have had a realization that he previously did not acknowledge, and I hope he’s okay…  Not once, but twice he was called out for his “gaming enthusiasm.”  Yes, Nick, when someone makes a surprise groom’s cake that turns out to look exactly like an X-Box, its time to admit somethings up!  I hope this didn’t come as tooooo big of a surprise! Ha!

The University Club was such a great venue… With their upstairs balcony overlooking San Francisco’s financial district, and the vintage looking architecture, my photographic brain was going crazy with ideas!  Thank you, Melody and Nick, for letting me document your incredible wedding.  I am so pleased with the images and can’t wait to help select some prints for your walls!

The details:

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