Veronica and Mark – Wedding Re-Shoot: Sanborn County Park and Panther Beach

Veronica and Mark are awesome.  Super awesome.  Like one of those couples that every photographer hopes they get to work with… because no pose is too weird, no look is too awkward, no weather is too bad.   Thats the kind of people Veronica and Mark are.  I met these two via my craigslist post looking for couples who hated their wedding photos.  When Veronica and Mark were married earlier this summer they opted for a lesser experienced photographer who left them with blurry family photos taken with a fisheye lens… When I heard that my eyebrows went all cockeyed and a big ol “huhh?” came leaking out of my mouth.  A fisheye lens for family portraits?  At a wedding?!!  “Huhhhh?!?!”

Veronica was actually cruising Craigslist looking for a photographer who could do a “Trash the Dress” session, and asked if we could maybe combine the two into one shoot.  No problemo!  After photographing in Sanborn County Park we drove over the hill to Panther Beach just north of Santa Cruz.  Now here’s the thing.  Jumping in the ocean in Northern California takes some guts… like we’re not talking Hawaii temperature waters, no Cancun beach bar to run back to… we’re talking 55 degree water, and a 150 yard uphill hike back to the car.  It so happened that the day we shot was like 85 degrees… perfect right?  Ha, not exactly.  As soon as we got within 50 yards of the ocean EVERYTHING was blanketed in fog.  Thick fog… Like I dont want to get out of my car fog, much less jump in the ocean.

When I saw the weather we were working with I was a little nervous.  I had been planning some epic sunset shots… and now there was literally NO sun.  Would Veronica and Mark want to head home and bag it?  Would the location be okay for fog shots?  I said, lets go down there and check it out.  Dressed in her wedding gown, Veronica gingerly crawled down the pathway to the beach, Mark helping ever step of the way.   When we got to the bottom, my eyes about popped out of my face when I saw this massive rock tilting towards the sea.  At that point I knew we had a money location, and as it turned out, the light was perfect.   With my nerves transformed into excitement, we proceeded to blanket that beach with images and all the while Veronica and Mark being totally eager to try each and every look.  They had no problem climbing on top of massive rocks, getting frisky in the sand, or jumping into that freezing cold ocean.  I could not have asked for more!

East Bay wedding photographer Michael Henry of M.D.M.H. Photos was a great addition to the shoot.  Although if he falls asleep in my car again Im going to have to deliver him a big fat wet willy!  Be sure to keep an eye on his work… Im sure he collected some amazing images!

Thank you Veronica and Mark for being so gracious with your time, open with your minds, and joyful in your hearts!  You were a blast to work with.

The image below might just be my favorite picture I’ve ever taken 😀

Santa Cruz Panther Beach Best Wedding Re-Shoot Photos
Sanborn County Park Wedding Re-Shoot Portraits 02Sanborn County Park Wedding Re-Shoot Portraits 03Sanborn County Park Wedding Re-Shoot Portraits 04Sanborn County Park Wedding Re-Shoot portraits 05Sanborn County Park Wedding Re-Shoot portraits 06Sanborn County Park Wedding Re-Shoot portraits 07Sanborn County Park Wedding Re-Shoot Redwood Grove 08Santa Cruz Panther Beach Wedding Re-Shoot Bride and Groom on Tracks 9Santa Cruz Panther Beach Wedding Re-Shoot Bride and Groom 10Santa Cruz Panther Beach Wedding Re-Shoot Portrait 11
Santa Cruz Panther Beach Wedding Re-Shoot Photos Bride with Rock 12Santa Cruz Panther Beach Wedding Re-Shoot PhotosSanta Cruz Panther Beach Trash the Dress Wedding Re-Shoot Photos 14Santa Cruz Panther Beach Trash the Dress Wedding Re-Shoot Photos 16Santa Cruz Panther Beach Trash the Dress Wedding Re-Shoot Photos 17

  • Richard Bui - October 21, 2010 - 1:39 pm

    Colson: excellent work as always! I love how you effectively do the 1×3 crop! I should try it sometime. I’m sure the couple is in love with these pictures cause I am!ReplyCancel

    • Colson Griffith - October 21, 2010 - 2:04 pm

      Richard! Thank you so much man! Yeah the 1×3 is something I took from my first photography mentor and I guess it stuck! We’ll catch you next week.ReplyCancel

  • Michael Henry - October 22, 2010 - 9:12 pm

    Colson you ROCK! Great pics. I will be unveiling mine this upcoming week. Btw, don’t be bustin’ me out on your blog. I was really sleepy dude. I resent that wet willy statement lol.ReplyCancel

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