Baal Family – Maternity Photos at Baylands Park, Sunnyvale

Eric and Sophie are preparing for the birth of their first child, Connor… ha, well actually, no, they’re not.  They’ve already prepared for the arrival of their first child.  In true Baal form, Eric told me that everything is ready to go… the crib is purchased, the nursery is set, and the diapers are a waitin’… a MONTH AND A HALF early!  I try to be on top of my game, but that my friends, takes the cake!  When my first comes along (not any time soon of course) I get the feeling Im going to be painting walls with my right hand while changing diapers with the left.   This is just one example of why I think these two will make  great parents.

Eric and Sophie, Im totally stoked for the first addition to your family up in Reno.  Thanks for letting me photograph this awesome time in your life.

Ohh and by the way… for any of you readers who love some bangin dance music, Eric, A.K.A. DJ Baaler has been throwing together some crazy mixes… Check out his last one from September:

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