Maxine and Drew :: Kerry Park and Seattle Art Museum Engagement Photos

Last weekend I was up in Seattle for my mom’s birthday (Happy Birthday Mom!).  While I was up there I wanted to see if I could schedule a few shoots to keep some momentum going.  Thats the beauty of being a photographer, you really can almost work from anywhere with an internet connection and a laptop.  One day a few weeks prior I was casually scrolling through posts on Facebook (as you do right?) and I noticed a little blurb about how Maxine was engaged and the Giants won and… wait, WHAT!  MAXINE IS ENGAGED!  (DJ Stops playing, crowd stares… it was one of those moments).  Maxine is engaged… crazy!   I’ve known Maxine since I had acne spattered across my face like a mine field in high school (basically forever) and since that time she had met a stand up guy by the name of Drew.  Apparently dating for 6 years was the magic recipe for putting a ring on it.  Immediately I knew I wanted to take their engagement photos annnd I knew I was going to be in Seattle a few weeks later, so I threw it out there and we got it all lined up.

We headed down to Kerry Park, one of the classic views of the Seattle skyline with Mt. Rainier in the background, and were blessed with some clearing weather, which I understand is quite rare up there these days.  Little did we know, Kerry Park is also one of the most popular places for tour busses full of point and shoot toting tourists, which made for some interesting shots.   We then headed down to the Seattle Art Museum on the north end of downtown to try our hand at some portraits around the metal sculptures booming out of the grounds.  Ohh and did I mention Maxine and Drew LOVE popcorn?  Like… chow through Costco sized bags on the regular… love it!  So much so that they brought a popped bag to use as a prop during the shoot, whiiiich was awesome!  I opened the trunk of the car and was like… “Is that popcorn smell coming from your car?”  Uhhh yes.  😀

Max and Drew, congrats on your engagement!  You make a great couple and I’ve got a big smile on for the both of you!

  • Richard Bui - September 29, 2010 - 1:07 pm

    Great shots Colson! I love the featured shot you have up there of the couple and the famous Seattle cityscape in the background. Captured perfectly.ReplyCancel

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