Alison and Blake :: San Francisco Ferry Building Engagement Photos

This is part three of a photo extravaganza with Alison and Blake… I’ve known these two for ten years now (which is crazy to admit!).  We go waaaaaay back, like “back when I was your age” kind of back.  Ill always remember our freshman year living on the same floor at Santa Clara University with these two.  Alison had about zero tolerance for any social interaction at a volume slightly above a whisper, and I don’t think Blake knew what a whisper was… especially at 3:00AM on a Saturday night.  At that time, if you asked me what the Vegas odds are on them getting married, I would have bet the house on it not happening.   Somewhere in Alison’s senior year she crawled out of her shell and became the socialite we all know and love today.  She seemingly became a natural match for Blake’s vibrant nature.  Needless to say I’ve been a witness to many of the special moments in their relationship.  I remember talking to Blake about Alison when they first started dating 6 years ago, I remember countless memories with the two of them coming to my place in San Francisco to party in the city for a weekend, I remember when Blake called me the day he decided to move out of the house we lived in together as he decided to move in with Alison, and I was there with a camera when Blake got down on one knee to ask the big question.  I can literally say I have more photos of these two on my computer than anyone else I have ever photographed, so why not add a few more to the collection right?

Last Sunday we got together at the San Francisco Ferry Building to run around and take their engagement photos.  It was my goal to try out some new photo techniques using off camera lighting after the sun had set.  The pictures towards the end of the gallery are the result of that attempt, and I have to say I am pretty happy with the results.  For those images I used a 24″ Lastolite Ezybox, Canon 540EX and an extra long ETTL hot shoe cord from

As soon as Blake and Alison sent their save the dates Ill post the second of our photo sessions.  Yeaaaaahh!

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