Figuring Stuff Out On A Camera Meeting

So a couple of weeks ago I had the chance to shoot at the SmugMug Help Portrait event put on by SmugMug and the Salvation Army. Basically it was a bunch of ambitious photographers volunteering their skillz and time to take photographs of some of the less fortunate residents of San Francisco (as the Aussies say… Good on’ya!). During my time there I met Michael Henry from M.D.M.H. Photos and and bumped into Meghan MacAskill from SmugMug. I think Megan made the comment… “I just wich we could have a photo shoot to just figure stuff out on my camera!” I was like uhhh yeah! been thinking that for some time now! So we did…

Last night the three of us met at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale to try our hand at shooting with off camera flash. Meghan broke into the SmugMug gear vault and hauled out more Canon lighting gear than I knew what to do with. If there was such thing as a gear hangover… I’d have it right now. Unfortunately we didnt have a single stand to hold any of the lights nor did we have a soft box (can you say wish list??), soooo we made do with the gear we had.

Looking at the photos today I have learned a few things… Having a soft box would have softened the lighting and created less harsh looking shadows across the face, specifically the nose line. Having a Gel to offset the color of the flash would have also been a nice addition to the gear. In some other photos the orange sun combined with the white flash made for a sort of an unrealistic looking image. Annnd even after reading the entire Strobist 101 website, metering for flash is still gonna take A LOT of practice!

Anyways… my botched shots are buried in my computer for later learning… here are a few of my favorites from my first portrait session with off camera lighting!

Meghan MacAskill Photography:
M.D.M.H Photos:

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